Beauty that hurts


It’s torn, filthy and dirty today
New clothes have stains, seems to be permanent
The smell of fresh clothes is intriguing and they cover the wounds for sometime
What is this stink ? like carrying till ages
Stink of insecurities, worry and fear keep layering each day
Time is ticking and I need to change
Change these old clothes and get a brand new
Question is, will it take away this stink ?

New clothes will have a fresh odour but sadly same story will be repeated
Wear new; layers of prejudice, misunderstanding and envy will leap on
Changing clothes will not change the story
Today, I will wash my old pair of clothes till the time come
Next time when I will get a fresh pair;
I will layer it with honesty, compassion and divine love
Don’t look death with fear and enxiety, it will come to all sooner or later
There’s only transmutaion to other realm
passing over with new clothes
When the end comes, there will be no regrets
He will look after you..