Freedom doesn’t come easy it takes persistent hardwork from what we are doing today, today may not have a ray of light or you may even not be aware that you are enslaved of a situation as you tend to accept things as they are and you fear change.
Thoughts and actions which are enslaving you in past or future needs to be changed because all we have is today and we need to bring a change in the Present. All the mindsets, laid beleifs and practices which define who you are can never be true because who has walked through the path other than you ? This is a sole journey, you can enjoy someone’s company but you will find peace only with yourself. I am not saying PEACE is paramount or goal as this is inate nature of a human being to be Peaceful but centuries went by it has sadly our ultimate goal now. All the material acquisitions, desires, ambitions are trapping us in temporary happiness which we think is the way of life ; to be always driven from something outside without realising how far this has taken us from our real self.
We need to grow mature in a way that we all shall be able to stay honest with tact, anyone for that matter who has been deprivated from a basic right of expression has to fight the battle again and this time with himself. We may think it is the society which stops us for being what you are, instead we all attain a power to bring change first in within and then only in others. If we all need freedom from something or other than what do we fear for ? When everyone is flawed.
Life has to go on with one or other challenge, cry through the night but smile next morning and remember we don’t want freedom from people, we need to permit ourselves to be flawed, rule breaker, not a pleaser and defy to be a follower of what you don’t beleive in. We are better of without rules, we put ourselves in parameters of exuberant and keep chasing it till we hear it from others but inside you have kept yourself on sideline, you have not thought of the person that needed the most attention, you kept mingling on “What I want and What people want from me” especially a girl who has always been staked in such definitions, all such acquisitions which defines who she should be instead who she is, need to freed. We need that change, we need that FREEDOM.