Happiness is a State of Mind


We define Happiness as acquisition of materials, goals and ambitions. To have an ambition is not wrong, it drives you and eventually it will become the driver. You would look at situation as good or bad based on your laid beleives say, when I will become this/that or when situation will be in a certain way ; I will be happy, without knowing that this is YOUR situation and LIFE which is not based on anyones approval or definition of what should make you happy. It comes from within irrespective of the situation outside. Yes, we get affected from what is happening around but if you just sit back and think how can someone control your state of mind, someone said nice things oh! am happy, now vice verse; I can’t deal it, as if we are looking for an approval, but why? who you are today is because of your experiences with life and it very discrete and personal to you so how can someone ever drive your vehicle without your permission.

We are nothing, just a peck of dust. Tomorrow we will be gone only handful of people will be truly affected then why are we trying to please the entire world and in course of that you are raising bar for yourself. You wish to be someone but no one can be YOU. You are the only piece with a tinge of YOU. Some might not be even happy at the most favorable conditions because they don’t realise where they are and people with less amenities can be happy because luxury, comfort, beauty and acquisition don’t define them.

We need to grow above the standards of what people define us and to know “Happiness is state of mind” not a situation or a goal.