Speak the truth with Love


We often get into dilemna of speaking our heart out but ‘sooner the better’ saying is always a good opotion than chattering in your mind because you beleive it or not it is communicated,if not verbally then energetically. You can coat your words but there’s no filter in your mind, you deliberately have to pull yourself out of all the thoughts as it is a bog. If something is bothersome, think or do something that you really like instance, I like watching videos on spiritualty and self-love and I turn on to youtube to distract the egoic mind. You have whole life to think but that very moment when you are at peak of your emotion don’t let your brain master on any negative thought, they sure will come but we can distract them always. I go by “Speaking with Tact” it is not always important to say what you feel because you may or may not be always right and often judging a situation as how it appear can be a disadvantage. Take time and observe the very nature of situation or a human and if something continues then make your move but with sensitivity, we often forget the person next is a human being with all the emotions functioning and if something can hurt us then to someone else too. Anything for that matter, if you allow for your own-self or your loved ones then don’t judge the person on the other side. Now, second scenario is you have been humble enough to people that they have now taken a toll on your emotions, then please speak because layers and layers of ignorance will be dangerous and one day you will loose patience and yes the very first pointer to be sensitive will fall apart. To breif on above :-

1. Speak with tact and always respect the person on other side, irrespective of their gender, background, caste, creed, color, age and our house-helps; everyone is entitled for equal respect as we ought to receive
2. Don’t hold yourself for too long as it will fish on your own health one day, every negative thougt is making a blockage and it will be manifested one day. Clear your mind with white and positive energy by forgiveness. Forgive yourself first and forgive others too
3. There’s always a better way of saying what you feel, choose a better version and it is okay if you fail to impress others just be content from within and beleive in what you do, if you can truly justify yourself WITHIN for your acts then remember “He knows why you did not what you did”
4. Last but not leat, every night before sleeping take time to thank God for holding you and everyone in place and for all the help, protection and guidance.