Listen to your heart

A lot of times we don’t listen to our heart and our mind dominates our actions but in a larger scheme they both are part of one alchemy. Our thoughts are fluctuating but our emotions take time to shift, we may think number of thoughts but our overall emotion stays the same, which means we care more of what we feel instead of what we think. I personally believe that where we try to put a lot of logic and tell our heart about all the reasoning, it will not listen if something doesn’t seem to be right, our heart is an intuitive side which often does not have any logic but still the energy keeps guiding. There’s no rule book, it all depends on which side of hand you are at. Remember, times when there’s an intricate sense of awkwardness in your heart. Even after all the best possibilities you don’t feel happy and those are the times when your heart has taken a back seat. It is always safe to have an intellectual decision but at the end what matters is YOU, without a doubt we do care the most for ‘I’ and to an extent that we are creating misery and sufferings, why is that so?

We are running for materials and possessions without following our heart, there are number of days when we don’t feel satisfied and we have now accepted life as it is but the truth is we all are capable of enjoying it at its fullest. We don’t necessarily need to be exuberant or happy only if the outside situation will be our way, truth is; it will not always be.
We are not aware of our own capabilities, the awareness of our own being. Whole existence is made of one energy, the very energy which is in a plant or an animal is in a human being but have we ever heard of plants or animals dyeing of depression or anxiety but humans being the most sophisticated life energy is struggling just to be alive. The other day I was watching an interview of Charlie Chaplin who struggled all his life with depression and we all are aware of how famous comedian he was, to feel sad or grim does not make you weak instead the very nature of a human being is to be exuberant and throughout the evolution humans have forgotten the very nature of being. We have the maximum comfort and inventions than the generations ever had and maximum anxiety ever recorded.
It’s high time we get in touch with our own system and take time to nourish the inner world. A little awareness towards things around will bring a lot of change, just before going to bed just try to connect with yourself just bow down to the energy which is within you and in everyone, just a sense of awareness not to any imaginary GOD; bow down and be grateful. Everything lies in present, even if we are sitting idle we either be thinking of past or worrying for future without realizing present has no problem at all, we are not available for life and gradually life also started to deject.
Don’t let your brain reason you, be with the moment and in the moment; have all the answers. I would say it is high time we close our eyes as you are the only person who will stay till the last and beyond.