We all have a quest inside, like a search with no reason and end ; sometimes no clear initiation. I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences, everything has a reason to pass through. We often question the existence of certain situation on us, and I suggest we should always. We may not be able to find answers but it will sure take you an inch further and if nothing, it helps us to grow deeper as individual.
World is full of miracles and magic, nature will never fail to amaze you. On our recent trip to Thailand we found two beautiful souls who helped us through for currency exchange, world where we see cruelty and unjust also has a side where people go extra mile without expecting a help in return.
The very first incident happened when we boarded our flight and we had a plan to get our currency exchanged at the airport (INR to Baht) but we realised that the currency exchange rate for cash is very high and we will end up loosing a lot, our fellow flight mate who was a frequent traveller guided us and also paid for our Visa fees as we were not carrying any Baht (Thailand’s currency) and also withdrew 15000 Baht from his forex card (Which has the minimum currency exchange rate i.e 2.3%) in return of cash (INR) and we were literally wondering do these people still exist ? We live in a space of good and evil and we are subconsciously attracting our bit of good or bad. Next morning, we were looking for local currency exchange portals to get the best price but all had a minimum of 2.5%, we had a tandem jump planned for next morning, around 9ish in the evening we bumped into an indian to check if he has any acquaintance to get best currency exchange and trust me he was not the first, we have been checking at every exchange possible but heaven knows how we came across, he was at the age on 70 probably and was frequent flyer to Thailand to treat his ailing wife, they were using ancient technology of acupuncture and energy healing. He exchanged our rest of the entire money in local currency(Baht) on the lowest bank rate (2.29%) and in middle of the night we were literally awestruck as how life is so beautiful and we really hope that they receive the right help, support and guidance from the universe.

Some might think, this is no deal and yes we would have gotten it exchanged but we still got the desired help and we are truly grateful for that and the takeaway is that KINDNESS has no expiry and help with no expectation will count in the most unexpected way. Every night has a day, no matter how dark it gets it will sure light up sooner or later, some days may plug you off but we should always keep in mind that even in darkest places there’s a light, it might be tough to spot at the very moment but it is there, all we can do is to take one step at a time and try to be someone’s sunshine.