One Breath Away

We are living in walls made of paper, which can fall in any blow. We are so bound with love; hate, attachment,possessions, people, materials, accomplishments; failure, life; death that nothing is permanent. We are that one breath away from a happy joyous moment and a tragic news, it is standing right on our door step. Life is a surprise, we can never expect what is in store next. The shape and size of happiness and misery we have today or will have in future can never be predicted.
“Now” has a lot of power, forget the past it can never be mended and stop worrying for future, all we have is today, just be with it. If life is meant to end then what is the whole purpose of life? why nature made a rule when it is an irony altogether ? I have been searching it in religious texts and spiritual books but all I can accumulate is FAITH which is very fragile, it can seed in superstition and unnecessary religious practice which will further confuse the TRUTH but love is organic and simply the very creation. Love abide us and entire planet together, the truest form of love is self-love and it will guide you through to all the hardships and will keep you rooted at your peak. The law of nature has everyone’s expiry, make sure to invest the most in YOU.

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