Fear is a big snob, it will take life out of you and make you feel inferior, it will pull you down, it will bully you from inside. You think of a person, situation or society and imagine it to be too strenuous that you fear confrontation but confrontation is always better than being fearful. Fear has no base over reality, reality maybe tough but once you step over the situation you have no one to stop you, you have suddenly passed over your own limitation and sometimes you may enjoy being brave and to be able to speak your mind, you can’t take everyone along the journey, there will be heartbreaks, dejection but all you need is approval from inside and try to practice tact as much as possible.

You need the courage to fight but if someone is impossible to stand or the situation is too bad to be practical then it is better to let go, the more one dig deeper the more the shit you will have. The antonym of fear is Calm, the journey to grow over is tough but life has never been easy on anyone. If you ever been part of anything similar then don’t let your ego rule and tell you “I have been there then why not someone else” if you had a distaste of something then never let anyone consciously go through the same journey, if your own journey has not taught you a lesson then life has repeat classes and you will go through the same exam over and again.

Be brave and mindful of your words, thoughts and emotions because they have a lot of vibration then you can think of and vibration manifest in garb of circumstances and people. First step in this journey is to understand your fear and accept your shortcomings (reason of fear) then check if you have done something wrong to be fearful then evaluate your self worth and confront. CONFRONTATION is the key to grow over it, you have to face your fear and you feel the calmness and confidence which you never thought ever existed, if you will brewing it inside it will slowly eat you up and will manifest fatal diseases and unpleasant circumstances. Always seek help from people you confide in they will help you see a clearer picture and will let you grow.

*DISCLAIMER : I am not an expert but as timid as you or anyone but I believe in inner beauty and true light which is guiding each one of us. This blog is note to self and people who might need this one pump of positive-ty.

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