Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King – book review

One of the best seller of 2018, after hearing alot of rave about this book I decided to add this to my shelf. Genre suggests that it’s self-help/motivational, it starts with explaining law of vibration and how everything has a vibration of it’s own. Entire universe is vibrating at a frequency and to fulfil life at its best one needs to entwine with the frequency of universe, it’s simple yet very complex. Process to get in equal frequency with universe is a journey, book touches meditation but not to profound. It’s very similar to law of attraction(if you have read ‘The Secret’) but it drafts the difference, even the tiniest speck is vibrating and so are we with every breath, if this sound current will stop, it will be our last exhale. Our vibration attracts people, situation and events in our life; good or bad, we should work on switching our vibration to manifest anything, if we are happy and joyful it will naturally attract positive situations and vice versa. A quick self evaluation will help you guide through your own vibe.

Now, the practices to change your vibe is not Isaac Newton’s theory but plain sailing, it has been written everywhere and should be our way of living but we leisure on laze. Few points which I completely swear by and has somehow worked for me :-

1. Surround yourself with positive people, who are vibrating higher than you or feeling better than you, energy is contagious it will instantly lift you. One simple rule; change of emotions=change of vibration. You can even trick your brain by simply changing your body language infact majority of messages that we give are non-verbal, such as expressions, gestures and how we hold ourselves.

2. Take some time out to reset yourself just unplug and do something you genuinely enjoy but that has to only involve you no other person.

3. Stay clear of drama and gossip (personal favourite), we might think that it’s harmless but it has a very strong impact on our vibe. By gossiping we simply adore our EGO and belittle other people, the more we spend time in gossiping the more we seem to complain and find comfort in misery.

4. What you eat and drink, eats you– what you consumes simply consumes your life, enough has been said on benefits of being vegetarian, apart from gut health it impacts our emotions. It’s a long debate, sort your nutrition and water it will automatically change your vibration.

5. Express Gratitude – Sometimes it’s tough to find gratification when you’re feeling low but a simple gratification practice can manifold your blessings.

6. Awareness of present – This is very thorough, worry of future and fear of past is guiding our present but if you look clearly present has nothing; no worry, no fear, it’s either past or future which stop us from embracing our present. It’s putting awareness in everything you do which can be as simple as washing hands, if you pay attention to every single detail of your day your mind will learn to leave the past and future will have no endurance to affect present.

7. Meditate – This is a cluster of all of the above, you can shift your energy, be with yourself, be present, make positive lifestyle change and be conscious of your being just by meditating. Author has given a step-by step guide on meditation but you can always choose what works for you. I have been doing twin-heart meditation since years now and I can tell how it has benefited me in sticky patches.

8. Prioritise yourself- You will only be able to give what you have, protect your energy first. Sometimes you need to forgo certain people in life who in name of feedback kills your energy, they can be friends or family members. Make choice to walk past rather than sticking to any toxicity.

8. Be your own cheerleader- Only you can help yourself; respect yourself, value your uniqueness, compare your growth with yourself not with others, value your body and forgive, when you forgive you give yourself more peace and build more positive energy inside.

9. Power of words and affirmations– You witness your each thought, change your beliefs which has been conditioned from ages, learn and grow. All you need is an intention, write about your desires and live your story. Life is not simple it can throw you to the dumps but you can always fix, always.

Some of the words and chapters might feel like good to read but less to be realistic. My only feedback is if you’re looking for radical meditation practice then this book is not for you, it guides on lifestyle and behavioural habits which can transition your vibe but it has more insight than explained. Book has a flow, it’s a pleasant read and you will not regret buying it. Happy reading!

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