We all have a quest inside, like a search with no reason and end ; sometimes no clear initiation. I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences, everything has a reason to pass through. We often question the existence of certain situation on us, and I suggest we should always. We may not be able to find answers but it will sure take you an inch further and if nothing, it helps us to grow deeper as individual.
World is full of miracles and magic, nature will never fail to amaze you. On our recent trip to Thailand we found two beautiful souls who helped us through for currency exchange, world where we see cruelty and unjust also has a side where people go extra mile without expecting a help in return.
The very first incident happened when we boarded our flight and we had a plan to get our currency exchanged at the airport (INR to Baht) but we realised that the currency exchange rate for cash is very high and we will end up loosing a lot, our fellow flight mate who was a frequent traveller guided us and also paid for our Visa fees as we were not carrying any Baht (Thailand’s currency) and also withdrew 15000 Baht from his forex card (Which has the minimum currency exchange rate i.e 2.3%) in return of cash (INR) and we were literally wondering do these people still exist ? We live in a space of good and evil and we are subconsciously attracting our bit of good or bad. Next morning, we were looking for local currency exchange portals to get the best price but all had a minimum of 2.5%, we had a tandem jump planned for next morning, around 9ish in the evening we bumped into an indian to check if he has any acquaintance to get best currency exchange and trust me he was not the first, we have been checking at every exchange possible but heaven knows how we came across, he was at the age on 70 probably and was frequent flyer to Thailand to treat his ailing wife, they were using ancient technology of acupuncture and energy healing. He exchanged our rest of the entire money in local currency(Baht) on the lowest bank rate (2.29%) and in middle of the night we were literally awestruck as how life is so beautiful and we really hope that they receive the right help, support and guidance from the universe.

Some might think, this is no deal and yes we would have gotten it exchanged but we still got the desired help and we are truly grateful for that and the takeaway is that KINDNESS has no expiry and help with no expectation will count in the most unexpected way. Every night has a day, no matter how dark it gets it will sure light up sooner or later, some days may plug you off but we should always keep in mind that even in darkest places there’s a light, it might be tough to spot at the very moment but it is there, all we can do is to take one step at a time and try to be someone’s sunshine.


Listen to your heart

A lot of times we don’t listen to our heart and our mind dominates our actions but in a larger scheme they both are part of one alchemy. Our thoughts are fluctuating but our emotions take time to shift, we may think number of thoughts but our overall emotion stays the same, which means we care more of what we feel instead of what we think. I personally believe that where we try to put a lot of logic and tell our heart about all the reasoning, it will not listen if something doesn’t seem to be right, our heart is an intuitive side which often does not have any logic but still the energy keeps guiding. There’s no rule book, it all depends on which side of hand you are at. Remember, times when there’s an intricate sense of awkwardness in your heart. Even after all the best possibilities you don’t feel happy and those are the times when your heart has taken a back seat. It is always safe to have an intellectual decision but at the end what matters is YOU, without a doubt we do care the most for ‘I’ and to an extent that we are creating misery and sufferings, why is that so?

We are running for materials and possessions without following our heart, there are number of days when we don’t feel satisfied and we have now accepted life as it is but the truth is we all are capable of enjoying it at its fullest. We don’t necessarily need to be exuberant or happy only if the outside situation will be our way, truth is; it will not always be.
We are not aware of our own capabilities, the awareness of our own being. Whole existence is made of one energy, the very energy which is in a plant or an animal is in a human being but have we ever heard of plants or animals dyeing of depression or anxiety but humans being the most sophisticated life energy is struggling just to be alive. The other day I was watching an interview of Charlie Chaplin who struggled all his life with depression and we all are aware of how famous comedian he was, to feel sad or grim does not make you weak instead the very nature of a human being is to be exuberant and throughout the evolution humans have forgotten the very nature of being. We have the maximum comfort and inventions than the generations ever had and maximum anxiety ever recorded.
It’s high time we get in touch with our own system and take time to nourish the inner world. A little awareness towards things around will bring a lot of change, just before going to bed just try to connect with yourself just bow down to the energy which is within you and in everyone, just a sense of awareness not to any imaginary GOD; bow down and be grateful. Everything lies in present, even if we are sitting idle we either be thinking of past or worrying for future without realizing present has no problem at all, we are not available for life and gradually life also started to deject.
Don’t let your brain reason you, be with the moment and in the moment; have all the answers. I would say it is high time we close our eyes as you are the only person who will stay till the last and beyond.

Speak the truth with Love


We often get into dilemna of speaking our heart out but ‘sooner the better’ saying is always a good opotion than chattering in your mind because you beleive it or not it is communicated,if not verbally then energetically. You can coat your words but there’s no filter in your mind, you deliberately have to pull yourself out of all the thoughts as it is a bog. If something is bothersome, think or do something that you really like instance, I like watching videos on spiritualty and self-love and I turn on to youtube to distract the egoic mind. You have whole life to think but that very moment when you are at peak of your emotion don’t let your brain master on any negative thought, they sure will come but we can distract them always. I go by “Speaking with Tact” it is not always important to say what you feel because you may or may not be always right and often judging a situation as how it appear can be a disadvantage. Take time and observe the very nature of situation or a human and if something continues then make your move but with sensitivity, we often forget the person next is a human being with all the emotions functioning and if something can hurt us then to someone else too. Anything for that matter, if you allow for your own-self or your loved ones then don’t judge the person on the other side. Now, second scenario is you have been humble enough to people that they have now taken a toll on your emotions, then please speak because layers and layers of ignorance will be dangerous and one day you will loose patience and yes the very first pointer to be sensitive will fall apart. To breif on above :-

1. Speak with tact and always respect the person on other side, irrespective of their gender, background, caste, creed, color, age and our house-helps; everyone is entitled for equal respect as we ought to receive
2. Don’t hold yourself for too long as it will fish on your own health one day, every negative thougt is making a blockage and it will be manifested one day. Clear your mind with white and positive energy by forgiveness. Forgive yourself first and forgive others too
3. There’s always a better way of saying what you feel, choose a better version and it is okay if you fail to impress others just be content from within and beleive in what you do, if you can truly justify yourself WITHIN for your acts then remember “He knows why you did not what you did”
4. Last but not leat, every night before sleeping take time to thank God for holding you and everyone in place and for all the help, protection and guidance.

Happiness is a State of Mind


We define Happiness as acquisition of materials, goals and ambitions. To have an ambition is not wrong, it drives you and eventually it will become the driver. You would look at situation as good or bad based on your laid beleives say, when I will become this/that or when situation will be in a certain way ; I will be happy, without knowing that this is YOUR situation and LIFE which is not based on anyones approval or definition of what should make you happy. It comes from within irrespective of the situation outside. Yes, we get affected from what is happening around but if you just sit back and think how can someone control your state of mind, someone said nice things oh! am happy, now vice verse; I can’t deal it, as if we are looking for an approval, but why? who you are today is because of your experiences with life and it very discrete and personal to you so how can someone ever drive your vehicle without your permission.

We are nothing, just a peck of dust. Tomorrow we will be gone only handful of people will be truly affected then why are we trying to please the entire world and in course of that you are raising bar for yourself. You wish to be someone but no one can be YOU. You are the only piece with a tinge of YOU. Some might not be even happy at the most favorable conditions because they don’t realise where they are and people with less amenities can be happy because luxury, comfort, beauty and acquisition don’t define them.

We need to grow above the standards of what people define us and to know “Happiness is state of mind” not a situation or a goal.



Freedom doesn’t come easy it takes persistent hardwork from what we are doing today, today may not have a ray of light or you may even not be aware that you are enslaved of a situation as you tend to accept things as they are and you fear change.
Thoughts and actions which are enslaving you in past or future needs to be changed because all we have is today and we need to bring a change in the Present. All the mindsets, laid beleifs and practices which define who you are can never be true because who has walked through the path other than you ? This is a sole journey, you can enjoy someone’s company but you will find peace only with yourself. I am not saying PEACE is paramount or goal as this is inate nature of a human being to be Peaceful but centuries went by it has sadly our ultimate goal now. All the material acquisitions, desires, ambitions are trapping us in temporary happiness which we think is the way of life ; to be always driven from something outside without realising how far this has taken us from our real self.
We need to grow mature in a way that we all shall be able to stay honest with tact, anyone for that matter who has been deprivated from a basic right of expression has to fight the battle again and this time with himself. We may think it is the society which stops us for being what you are, instead we all attain a power to bring change first in within and then only in others. If we all need freedom from something or other than what do we fear for ? When everyone is flawed.
Life has to go on with one or other challenge, cry through the night but smile next morning and remember we don’t want freedom from people, we need to permit ourselves to be flawed, rule breaker, not a pleaser and defy to be a follower of what you don’t beleive in. We are better of without rules, we put ourselves in parameters of exuberant and keep chasing it till we hear it from others but inside you have kept yourself on sideline, you have not thought of the person that needed the most attention, you kept mingling on “What I want and What people want from me” especially a girl who has always been staked in such definitions, all such acquisitions which defines who she should be instead who she is, need to freed. We need that change, we need that FREEDOM.

Beauty that hurts


It’s torn, filthy and dirty today
New clothes have stains, seems to be permanent
The smell of fresh clothes is intriguing and they cover the wounds for sometime
What is this stink ? like carrying till ages
Stink of insecurities, worry and fear keep layering each day
Time is ticking and I need to change
Change these old clothes and get a brand new
Question is, will it take away this stink ?

New clothes will have a fresh odour but sadly same story will be repeated
Wear new; layers of prejudice, misunderstanding and envy will leap on
Changing clothes will not change the story
Today, I will wash my old pair of clothes till the time come
Next time when I will get a fresh pair;
I will layer it with honesty, compassion and divine love
Don’t look death with fear and enxiety, it will come to all sooner or later
There’s only transmutaion to other realm
passing over with new clothes
When the end comes, there will be no regrets
He will look after you..


Mother earth has now polluted to an extent that all the disruption happening has caused chaos in human brains as well, every day science is coming accross a new disease. Ego and hatred has taken pace on large amount of population that no one has time to think of where we are heading and all these are manifested on earth in name of natural disasters, climatic change, temperature rise and list goes on.

You never know what next morning puts you with, since a routine is happening on such a recurring basis that we have taken it so for granted. We never know life might throw us something unexpected. All these physical possessions, materialistic gains even small issues which we are holding on to, will not make any sense. For days and days you haven’t seen a daylight coming, yet you hope for a light that one day it will change, years went by and your belief has also taken a turn but deep down all you wish is to get off this bed and just walk freely with no barrier of judgement, fear, misogyny or worry. For the last time you want to see the mother nature like you have never noticed before, you want to be with yourself and completely with yourself, not that the people are not relevant for you but a realisation that you have to take it all alone and you will go alone but only with the help of LORD.

Negative emotions and thoughts not only harm the aura of the person subjectified but also deplete you as a person from inside, one may not even realise but your mind has taken power on you and you will always take reality as it appears which you need to realise that nothing exists as it appears and self-centered attitude; I, me, myself is guiding you to never ending maze and you are entangled to a level where you don’t wish to be tangled anymore.

By reciting his name, you will get the strength and wisdom to understand the higher purpose to look the situation as it is, only then you will be able to make truce in his decision. Don’t expect external situation to change or play a miracle because it will take years and years of practice to change what is going inside. His name will help you with cleansing at soul level which may or may not manifest in physical world but once you are entwine with him, all materials are irrelevant.